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Well Once Upon a Time there was a lady that wanted more!!!! I came up with Body Genius as a means to become my own Boss per say, and on the other hand to provide Natural Products for the Naturalists like myself, and also provide products for those that like Fragrances like Cotton Candy, Green Apple and others that are obviously man made as there are no Essential Oils extracted from plants with those Scents. This is my passion and I love to provide people with different alternatives as we are all different and do not have the same likes and dislikes. I started to make my own soaps and lotions when my twins were born as they were struggling with Eczema, and I was going to the Doctor to get creams that were damaging their skin. I then started to enroll in classes and receive certifications to perfect my skill then "voila" lotions and soaps that cater to Dry Eczema prone skin. I saw for myself that it worked for us it helped tremendously with their Eczema. Purchasing comercialized products that are created with chemicals are a thing of the past. I stand by my products because I use them. Not only do I trust them on myself but also my kids. Please see website for client testimonials. I am dedicated to ensure that all my customers are Happy and that all questions are answered.

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